Any Charge?

Debit Card

Debit Card

We do not charge for debit card payments. Cards accepted: Maestro, Visa Debit and Debit Mastercard

Please note:
If you contact us to arrange to pay your account by instalments automatically using your debit card (this is known as a Continuous Payment Authority or CPA), the details of how this will operate can be found by clicking here. Please telephone us to set this up.

We do not charge for debit card payments

Lucas Website

Click here to make an on-line payment

Visit our payment page to make a secure payment through our website. Cards accepted: Maestro, Visa Debit and Debit Mastercard

We do not charge for debit card payments

Direct Debit or Standing Order

Call 01274 957060 to arrange payment by direct debit or Standing Order.

No Charge

Internet or Telephone Banking

If you are registered with your bank for their Telephone or Internet Banking service you can set up your payment instantly as either a funds transfer or standing order. Please use the following payment details:

Payee Name: Lucas Credit
Payee Sort Code: 20-35-84
Payee Account No: 73467015
Payee Reference: Enter your Lucas Credit Services Reference here!*

*IMPORTANT - Please ensure you quote your Lucas Credit Services Reference as we may be unable to process your payment without it.No charge as long as there are sufficient funds in your account.

No Charge

At Your Local Bank

Use the payment slip provided (we can provide these if you don't already have some - please call us on 01274 957060). If paying by cheque, please make the cheque payable to: Lucas Credit Services Ltd and write your reference number, name, and address on the back of the cheque the bank may apply a handling charge.

Barclays (No charge)

Other banks may apply a handling fee

By Post

Please make your cheque or postal order payable to: Lucas Credit Services Ltd and write your reference number on the back. Send your payment to the address shown in the "How to Contact Us" section on the right. The Post Office will make a charge for issuing postal orders.

Cheque: No Charge

Postal Order: A Post office fee will apply

Information About Continuous Payment Authority

What is a Continuous Payment Authority?
A continuous payment authority (CPA) means that payments can be taken automatically on a regular basis using a debit card.

Why do we proposing this method?
A CPA using a debit card is convenient for you as you will not need to contact us to make an instalment payment every time it becomes due.

Alternative payment options
If you do not wish to choose a CPA other payment methods are available, details of which can be found above.

The Terms

  • When agreeing a CPA by debit card with you, you may choose the most appropriate payment date and we will agree the regular instalment amount and how regularly payments will be taken.
  • By giving us your card details you authorise us to take the agreed instalments automatically using your debit card.
  • We will confirm the terms of the arrangement to you in writing.
  • We will not attempt to take the payment before the date agreed and we will make a collection attempt on that date (or on the next business day if the day falls on a bank holiday or Sunday).
  • We will not take a payment amount that is different to the agreed instalment amount unless it is the final payment and the remaining balance on the account is less than the instalment amount.
  • If the payment is declined, we will attempt to contact you to establish the reason for this. If we cannot contact you we will make a further collection attempt either later the same day or on the next business day.
  • If the payment continues to be declined, after two attempts we will cancel the payment arrangement and no further collections attempts will be made using the debit card details provided until we have agreed new terms with you.
  • We will not apply any default fees or charges if your payment is declined but we may continue to contact you about your debt if we cannot agree an alternative payment arrangement.
Your right to vary or cancel
You can change terms of the continuous payment arrangement at any time by calling us, or you may cancel the arrangement by calling us or your card provider.